Fallout: New Vegas. True Fallout

Fallout: New Vegas. True Fallout


November 29, 2020

Night. From the receiver sounds the eternal hits of Frank Sinatra. A man with a wide-brimmed hat and a dusty coat stands in the middle of the road. Behind his back, the lights of the big city of New Vegas shine brightly. The main character of Fallout New Vegas was not born in one of the underground bunkers.

He (or she – all depends on the choice of the player) was born and grew up after the nuclear war, and worked as a courier. But one day, with the help of dirty thugs of one of the local groups, he is caught by some dude in a plaid suit, picks up an important bag, fires a bullet in the forehead and throws him to die in a shallow grave.

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Fallout: New Vegas features

The hero, however, was lucky. By some miracle he survived – the unfortunate robot was saved and brought to the doctor in the city of Goodsprings. That’s where your adventure will begin. After the healer puts the protagonist on his feet, the player will have to pass several tests – choose the appearance of his Alter Ego, determine the characteristics and specific capabilities. In general, everything is very similar to Fallout 3. But as soon as the hero is free, the differences are immediately noticeable. New Vegas has such a provincial, calm mood. It is not an epic blockbuster, but a chamber-like leisurely western with bright detective overtones and complex political problems.

Initially, the balance of power in the virtual world is such that all groups are in approximately the same position. But your actions will directly influence the development of events. It is often impossible to remain neutral – you will have to choose someone else’s side. For example, the residents of Goodsprings have sheltered an escaped merchant, who is sought by former prisoners. Help first – and get a bonus to karma (but convicts will hate you and start hunting at the first opportunity). Take the side of the second – and you will provide yourself with relative security of movement on the wastelands (but relations with the peaceful population will deteriorate).

The main plot choice will be between the New California Republic (NCR, New California Republic) and the Legion (Legion, an organization of slave traders). They are the ones who are fighting for New Vegas, as well as the hydroelectric power plant that supplies the city with electricity. However, the game has many other interesting “interest associations”: religious fanatics, gula-cosmonauts, invisible super-mutants, dishonest merchants, weapons manufacturers, aristocratic cannibals, casino owners.

The abundance of quests can make you dizzy. With a snowslide, they pile up on the hero, introducing him to the difficulties of living in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Local missions are imbued with the spirit of old westerns, causing strong associations with Red Dead Redemption and Cohen brothers’ paintings. And what are the locations here!

A mountain village besieged by monsters, an abandoned factory with a robot guide, several shelters (vaults), a mysterious valley, where at night there are hurricanes walking… Explore the bunkers, catch bandits, release the hostages, bribe the military, help the poor, look for the sunken bombers – there are plenty of activities for the player. Especially good quests related to the search for characters.

For example, in one case, you must calculate the person who sold the wife of a good sniper in slavery. The villain must be led directly to the observation tower, after which the widower will decapitate the villain from his rifle. The game turned out to be great and you can see for yourself here.