How cPanel Hosting Works?

How cPanel Hosting Works?


May 8, 2017

Description of cPanel Hosting

For your info, it’s good to know that most of the cPanel hosting offers on the current website hosting market are supplied by a very insignificant marketing niche (when it comes to yearly money flow) named hosting reseller. Reseller web hosting is a sort of a small-scale marketing niche, which supplies a huge number of different web hosting brand names, yet offering strictly the same thing: mostly cPanel web hosting services.

This is bad news for everyone. Why? Due to the fact that at least 98% of the website hosting offerings on the entire website hosting market supply precisely the same service: cPanel. There’s no difference at all. Even the cPanel hosting prices are similar. Quite identical. Leaving for those who demand a top web hosting service almost no other web hosting platform/web hosting CP option. So, there is merely a single fact: out of more than 200,000 website hosting brands in the world, the non-cPanel based ones are less than 2 percent! Less than 2%, remark that one…

200k “hosting providers”, all cPanel-based, yet distinctly labeled

The hosting “diversity” and the website hosting “offers” Google presents to all of us come down to just one thing: cPanel. Under 100’s of thousands of different hosting brand names. Assume you are merely an average guy who’s not very familiar with (as most of us) with the website development processes and the website hosting platforms, which in fact power the respective domain names and online portals.

Are you prepared to make your web hosting selection? Is there any web hosting variant you can pick? Of course there is, today there are more than two hundred thousand web hosting suppliers in existence. Formally. Then where is the difficulty? Here’s where: more than 98 percent of these more than two hundred thousand different web hosting brands around the world will offer you strictly the same cPanel hosting CP and platform, named differently, with exactly the same price tags! WOW! That’s how large the assortment on the present website hosting market is… Period.