Make money on Instagram

Make money on Instagram


April 20, 2021

There are some great ways to make money on Instagram. In this article, we will talk about interesting options that can suit every user of the social network.

Promotion of accounts for sale

A promoted Instagram profile is in itself a ready-to-sell product. If you have already mastered the skills of promotion and attracting subscribers, you can promote accounts in order to sell them later. Your main responsibility is to improve the indicators that affect the level of profile ranking. This can include: likes, comments, mentions, saves, direct page conversions and so on. You can buy instagram followers to speed up the process.

To identify the most interesting topics for users, it is required:

  1. to identify the target audience;
  2. to find out which accounts are often visited by your target audience (for this you need to analyze the competitive environment);
  3. to visit different publishers and thematic sites;
  4. to work out a content plan.


It turns out that Stories skills can also be monetized. The specialist’s responsibilities include: writing scripts for short videos, creating a content plan, visualizing stories and conducting interactive with the audience (games, surveys, tests).

Stories-maker earns on average from $200, but on one condition: you must be good at actual mechanics of engaging people. Only bright emoji and multicolored letters will not do here. You can manage several accounts at the same time, which will increase your income

Blogger manager

Behind almost every successful blogger is a hard-working manager who solves all the routine issues. While the Instagram star is busy creating, you have to respond to posts, connect with other Influencers, schedule promotional posts, look for experts to host live events, and come up with topics for IGTV spots. To start, you should offer your services to small bloggers, for example, from 10 thousand subscribers. Then, having some background, you may apply for a position with a larger opinion leader.


Still think there are only producers in the film or music industry? You bet they don’t! If you’re a responsible and creative employee who is willing to shoulder a ton of responsibilities, you can get into producing. This vacancy is designed for those who know how to do everything and even a little more on Instagram. A blogger’s producer is like the “right hand” of a showbiz star. Simply put, he takes an as yet unknown person and deals with his complex promotion and promotion. Naturally, good dividends await you for your hard work. Monthly salary can exceed $5000.

Promotion and sale of services

Instagram is a springboard of opportunities for makeup artists, stylists, nail service masters, designers, photographers and many others. People love with their eyes, so it’s important for them to see a beautiful picture. Do you want to add to your client base and show your audience what you can do? Then start creating an attractive profile right away. You should also learn how to buy more followers on instagram.