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May 17, 2017

Hosting Reseller Description

ResellersPanel offers 2 separate hosting reseller programs – the Free Web Hosting Reseller Program and the more advanced cPanel Hosting Reseller Program, so you can determine which is the most appropriate hosting reseller platform for you.

Basic skills v technical knowledge

The Free Hosting Reseller Program is excellent if you have only elementary PC skills. It is based on an in-house made reseller web hosting platform. You won’t be able to encounter it anywhere else on the web. The cPanel Reseller Hosting Program, on the other hand, is for expert hosting resellers.

No hosting reseller fees vs. recurring charges

With, you do not pay any subscription fees as a free web hosting reseller. You won’t be charged a single dime in order to sell ResellersPanel’s hosting services. You won’t be charged a dime if you do not close any deals as well. As a cPanel web hosting reseller, you will be asked to pay a monthly tax. Even so, you only pay for the products that you will be reselling.

A one-stop hosting reseller solution v various management interfaces

The free web hosting reseller does not need to have computer programming and website administration competency. Using ResellersPanel’s intuitive point & click Reseller Control Panel interface, you can quickly set up your web hosting reseller store. Using the charge-free turn-key online store templates, you can easily configure your online web hosting store. You can create the web hosting packages that you want to resell to your clients and put prices on them with a few clicks of the mouse. You can resell web hosting, Virtual Private Servers and dedicated web hosting servers.

The cPanel Reseller Web Hosting Program offers cPanel-based hosting plans with different characteristics and system resource quotas. The web hosting packages and the end clients’ web sites are managed via different interfaces.