Alternative and folk methods to quit smoking

Alternative and folk methods to quit smoking


March 10, 2021

How to quit smoking? This question worries many people, but not everyone is ready to make a decisive step. Nevertheless, now you can find quality drugs to stop smoking and even use alternative methods. If you have a desire to quit smoking, you just need to choose a comfortable solution for yourself and take a step towards a healthier future.


Not officially endorsed by the medical community, as the effectiveness is questionable. Psychotherapist under hypnosis inspires installation on the abandonment of a bad habit. But often, a person does not smoke for some time, because he is afraid to break the ban, but actually wants to inhale. Most people have breakdowns, and in this case, psychiatric methods are necessary to remove the installation, otherwise, depression or even mental illness will follow.

Food substitutes

To survive the worst moments of craving for nicotine, a person begins to “eat” addiction. This can be lollipops, nuts, or sandwiches. Sometimes such a remedy really helps, distracting attention from cravings. But more often than not, this venture ends in weight gain and eating disorders.


Eastern acupuncture practices go back many centuries. The method consists of blocking certain centers responsible for smoking, affecting the pleasure centers, the motor mechanism of habitual actions. But firstly, not everybody can dare to undergo the unpleasant procedure, and secondly, an acupuncture course costs a lot of money, and its efficiency and safety raise questions.


In many Eastern countries, smoking hookah is allowed even for children. Manufacturers will say that it contains herbs and fruits. However, it is not that simple. Hookah blends contain tobacco and other harmful substances. They are not as safe as they seem. So is it worth replacing one harm with another?

Electronic Cigarette

This device with electronic stuffing and replaceable cartridges has earned respect, above all, from those who are close to the smoker. At its core, an electronic cigarette is an inhaler. A person inhales a certain dose of vapor with nicotine purified from impurities, it does not harm others around him at all, himself – much less than with regular tobacco smoking. There is no unpleasant smell. However, for addicted people, e-cigarettes are a trap. Trying to achieve an effect like real smoking, you can easily exceed the recommended dose of nicotine. Quitting smoking is out of the question here.


There are still completely different opinions about homeopathic remedies. Some of them help by stabilizing the nervous system, but, again, they cannot suppress addiction in the root.


People with a strong will and the desire to live life to the fullest, quitting smoking, release their energy in the gym or at the stadium. And that’s great! However, not everyone is ready to spend so much time and energy on sports, not everyone can do it for health reasons. Therefore, this method is an accompanying, but by no means the main one in the process of quitting smoking. Each of the methods mentioned in the article has its disadvantages and advantages. But there are also some authoring methods that help to overcome exactly the psychological addiction to tobacco.

Nevertheless, if you really want to quit smoking, then you should use specialized medication. It will be the most comfortable solution. At the moment you can buy sugar diabetes medicine and drugs to quit smoking in specialized pharmacies. This will be the most convenient way for each person who has made the decision to quit smoking. You should choose a trusted store and use it to buy medicines.