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What is DevOps methodology needed for?

You have definitely heard about DevOps methodology and how it helps automate the software delivery and infrastructure management. However, this is the result of DevOps transformation, not its main goal. The main goal of DevOps adoption is a tectonic shift…


April 8, 2020

Business Hosting Features

Business Hosting demands special features by a web hosting provider. For businesses it is importent to stay competitive, have high security, reliability and uptime. Business hosting clients have different needs in bandwidth and storage space, than private homepages do. Let’s have a look…


September 27, 2017

PHP Hosting Explained

PHP hosting is web hosting on a server that is able to interpret and execute PHP scripting language. The follwing article will explain the basics of PHP hosting.


August 3, 2017

Cheap Hosting Facts

Cheap Hosting should nevertheless be good hosting with a high price value. Of course, it is tempting to save money and buy something cheap. We all want to save money! And that’s simply intelligent. However, it’s not intelligent to pay 10%…


June 19, 2017

Domain Manager

The Free Domain Manager Package If your site is not yet ready but you have decided what website name you want, take a gaze at the free Domain Manager plan. This plan will allow you to register or transfer domain names at…


May 28, 2017

Reseller Hosting

Hosting Reseller Description ResellersPanel offers 2 separate hosting reseller programs – the Free Web Hosting Reseller Program and the more advanced cPanel Hosting Reseller Program, so you can determine which is the most appropriate hosting reseller platform for you.


May 17, 2017

How cPanel Hosting Works?

Description of cPanel Hosting For your info, it’s good to know that most of the cPanel hosting offers on the current website hosting market are supplied by a very insignificant marketing niche (when it comes to yearly money flow) named…


May 8, 2017

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting Explanation You own a web portal and are sick and tired of searching for free-of-cost website hosting services, but do not have enough resources to afford anything that costs more? We know how you feel. The solution to…


May 2, 2017