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Best Hosting


March 26, 2017

There are various sorts of web hosting plans appropriate for different websites when it comes to the resources or the web hosting platform they demand. To select the best web hosting service for your web portal, you must judge what server-side software programs it needs, how many hits per day you anticipate at the start and in the long run, as well as any other special requirements that may have to be met.

Shared Web Hosting – Perks

The most suitable option for small sites with several hundred or several thousand viewers is a shared hosting plan. With this form of web hosting, each client pays only for their account, which reduces the total price per customer radically. There are diverse web hosting solutions varying from one company to another, delivering different amounts of data space and traffic, different email quotas and so on. The plus is that you can get an account that will provide the specifications your web page really requires. You will not have to pay lots of money for an account you will not avail of, or wind up with a small plan that cannot shelter the web portal. We, at Santranico, offer an extensive variety of web hosting solutions suitable for personal or small business web portals that even come with pre-activated script-driven systems such as Joomla, Mambo, Drupal or WordPress – to render things simpler. If you kick off with a low-end package and you require more resources, moving to a more powerful plan takes just a click.

Shared Hosting – Weaknesses

A weak side of the shared web hosting environment is that the web servers have some software applications installed on them and you cannot activate additional software. Given web sites, mainly web stores, require applications to be available on the web server for them to work, and with a shared web hosting account, you can activate solely software programs that do not demand complete root-level access.

Virtual Web Servers and Dedicated Servers

For web portals that request full root access, or if your site has many 1000’s or even millions of daily viewers, what you demand is a VPS hosting or a dedicated hosting. A private virtual server is a virtual emulation of a dedicated web server and it performs in exactly the same way.